kaluga park

kaluga park

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stroller pushing/dump truck watching

Right now I am watching vasa push the stroller around the front yard. He now is saying watch mama. Trying to watch him but also give a blog update. Each day, his English is getting just a little better. He told a man today that his name was Joshua vasa--first time he has said it without being prompted--I was very proud! We have spent most of the last few days watching the dump trucks down the street. They are working on two lots, so each day many many dump trucks come through. He loves trucks of any kind and calls them all dump trucks.

We have allowed vasa to be around one of our dogs, sparkle, the last few days unless he gets the "crazy teeth" as josh and I call them. He gets this look on his face that tells you he has lost all self control and the dog goes up once again.

He still takes such delight in seeing cars. A lady pulled up beside our stroller to talk a second and vasa unbuckled out of his stroller and tried to climb in her car. Still so exciting to see the inside of a car!!

He has such a joy for life and is so pleasant the majority of the time. Baby gates are still a part of our everyday lives, though.  He still gets into the shampoo across the house, daddy's guitar, ipods, etc...  Nothing really bad--I just have a hard time keeping an eye on him when he is across the house and I'm trying to do laundry or whatever.

Day 2 of my attempt to finish the blog--today I went to olive garden with my mother and grandmother.  Get there and wow--we are by the emergency exit and they won't let us have a high chair.  Vasa sits beside me in the booth, but I was missing the high chair.  He had already had a "busy" (into everything kind of morning) morning so I was afraid what the lunch may be like.  He was, for the most part, good.  He didn't want to eat anything, though, so he was too interested in trying to look out the window, touch the man in the booth behind us, pretend he needed to go poop twice, and dropping everything he could under the table, taking his shoes off, and shouting at nana under the table.  After a few time outs in the bathroom, I was thankful it was time to go.  Josh and I call those "a working man's lunch".  Of course, when we have boxed the food up and walking out, Vasa decides he wants to eat.  Sorry, bud.  Maybe after your nap I'm looking forward to :).  We walked out (circling ever so carefully by the full tray that I feared vasa would pull down).

Vasa does finally seem, though, to be our child.  For the first week or so, I still felt like we were babysitting someone else's child.  I'm glad to finally have that "feeling".  I've had to swallow my pride a little bit, though here lately.  I have always taken a lot of pride in my child's behavior in public/school/that kind of thing.  When Vasa is cutting up in public, I'm having a hard time not explaining to others, "He's acting like this because I've only had him a few months."  How terrible is that?  I haven't really said it in those words, but I think it.  Ha ha.   Need to get over the caring what others at Publix or Olive Garden think. :)  God has a lot to teach me through Vasa.  I only hope God will use us to teach him.  Thank you for all of the "that is just what boys do" comments that others have given me.  I really do appreciate it--honestly.  I was the one that would argue that girls can be a lot like boys--come to my house--yet that was before I had a boy.  Now I think I'm understanding.