kaluga park

kaluga park

Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 year checkup

Took Vasa for his 4 year checkup.  Tried not to be discouraged about him losing a pound this month (sigh), but he has grown at least 3 inches and gained 7 pounds in the 9 months we've had him.  He was at the 10th percentile on both height and weight, so we are pleased he is on the chart.  He is now eating pretty well, but I will probably continue his carnation shakes for a little while.  The doctor said to not expect him to ever get above the 25th percentile--may have had short parents.  Poor thing got 6 shots.  He did very well--still doesn't really produce tears when he is mad or upset.  Yet, he did milk it all day long.  I just ordered a "baby sling" that can carry toddlers on your back up to 60 pounds.  I was wishing two days ago, after his shots, I had the sling.  He told me that his legs were shot and he couldn't walk--all day.  I toted him from here to there.  Got old, but it was nice that he wasn't running off or anything :).  He actually sat on the floor and watched me cook for about 20 minutes.  I have never seen him sit for that long and do nothing.

That night, he woke up screaming and yelling for mama (thought that was a good attachment sign) and had a 103 fever from the shots.  Always so scary when any child's fever gets that high.  It's also the first time that I think Vasa has ever had a fever with us.  We gave him Advil-that was what the lady told me was best.  Vasa said before he took the medicine-"No, medicine makes me sick!"  Poor thing, he has had so many medicines since he got here for his tb and now his shots that have bad side affects that he actually thinks that we are giving him medicine that will make him sick instead of better.  Hate that.  To make it worse, didn't think about Advil on an empty stomach and he threw up in the sink.  Now adding to his theory of medicines making you sick.  I asked Josh, "What if he has a fever seizure??" Josh slept with him the rest of the night.

The next day he was much better, but I only got him to take the tylenol by saying, "I can't send you to school unless you take your medicine."  After school, he flat refused to take more.  So, he settled for the 101 fever instead of the Advil--tried to bite my lip and not throw out too many of the "You'd feel better if you would just take it" comments.  After school, he told me an ambulance needed to pick him up because he was sick.  Thought that was pretty smart.  At bedtime, we again gave him no option.

Last cute comment--were running errands yesterday for his sister's birthday party.  He again was saying his legs wouldn't work.  He had to tell the store's workers that he got shot in the leg.  The worker responded, "The doctor should give you candy or money for each shot."  Vasa comments back, "I like money."  The lady thought it was very funny--don't we all like money when we have it.  Maybe I could use it for faster shipping on the baby sling.

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